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January is for DREAMS...

Say hello to the New Year! 2021 came to an end with Christmas and a little Covid. As the new year began, I asked my 5 year old what he wanted to accomplish in the new year. I think it took him by surprise that I asked him this question. I have never asked him this question before. As adults we are always setting new goals, excited for our new expectations, feeling brave enough for a new dream; feeling as though the clock striking 12 o'clock on December 31st brings in a different sense of hope. I have to imagine my children feel the same way, so I asked my son to think about what his hopes and dreams were now that January and a new year had come. His answers involved a range of ideas... earning a new belt in his martial arts class, beating his cousin in Beyblades, getting to chew bubble gum. For my son, all of this was as exciting as my marathon dreams and renewed focus of a blog.

Midway through January we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the leader who set the dream of our nation, and spoke of his hope for his children and the world he would leave them. As I thought about January, the start of 2022, I couldn't help but to think, January is for dreams. Not just dreams for me, dreams for my children and the world I hope they get to live in. This month Lit in Color will be celebrating books of dreams and hopes as we enter into the new year. May the books we feature here inspire your biggest hopes and dreams. Talk to your family, have a vision board party, read a book to inspire with your children. For my children...I ask that their dreams be Lit In Color.

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