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#DisabilityPrideMonth and Children's Books That Matter

It's Disability Pride Month! While doing research on children's books that feature characters with disabilities or characters with neurodiversity, there was no surprise that the number did not represent the proud population of children and families that make up the fabric of society. Add to that, stories where the focus is not overcoming an obstacle...the struggle narrative, then the number shrinks even more. Dash a bit of non-animal, members of the BIPOC community, and you have this list. Lit in Color wanted to provide a list that focuses on representation for the month of July. Here at Lit in Color we celebrate the beauty of the ordinary story, all of us are more than our struggles and should celebrate this! Choose 1, choose all and share

My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay

by Cari Best

I love this story about friendship and the joy of being a kid in school and using tools to prove they are the best and fastest. This books represents children with a complete loss of sight, and the books features Braille for all children to learn and experience.

Hello Goodbye Dog

by Maria Gianferrari

Hello Goodbye Dog show a bond between a girl who uses a wheelchair and her dog. This story is great for animal lovers (my child) and introduces the topic of service animals.

Viva Frida

by Yuyi Morales

This beautiful book, written by one of my favorite authors, beautifully depicts the life of Frida Khalo-- artist and icon. The illustrations and the story is a fitting tribute to the artist who worked through her disability to portray the world from her viewpoint.

Emmanuel's Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah

by Laurie Ann Thompson and Sean Qualls

This story was new for me and my kids. The story is the tale of the cyclist and disability activist Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. My son has been trying to learn to ride his bike, and this story provided a great backdrop for inspiration.

All of these stories can be found on Amazon or check out the public library. Also take this opportunity to check out a local bookstore in your community!

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